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We wish you great success in reaching your health and fitness goals! I lift weights and have a thick body so I thought I would try this only I would need to lose ten pant sizes to be attractive. I would be skin and bones and lacking muscle which helps a person in the long run to be healthy. We have added additional information to this page to make our readers aware of this.

So they are not attractive then? I do not think it should say it as it is placing ideals on people, maybe just leave it as healthy? I used to have an athletic build with decent muscle as I worked out a lot but currently I am being treated for anorexia so I am underweight. Having a little fat is normal. My weight says people should be manning their harpoons!

I then entered my waist measurement from before I had children and weighed pounds 26 inches and a BMI of Now if my BMI were say 17 to 19 at the time when I had a 26 inch waist, I would agree with that label.

Honestly, the labels for the waist measurements should be changed. Hi Stephen — Your natural waistline is located above your belly button and below your rib cage.

Just bend to the side and the crease that forms is your natural waistline. That is the location where you will measure. Your waist is a couple inches above the belly button where your body tapers in the narrowest before it starts to swell out above the hips. Your belly button is typically a couple inches below the waistline.

Good job! When I became obese I was surprised because every other part of my body is slim and healthy with muscle tone except for my stomach. I run each day and do floor workouts too. Any more advice? If you have well-toned muscles and just a little fat on your stomach, this should not be a huge issue to resolve.Henry Cavill is a fantastic British actor and philanthropist who showed up on the world stage through his impressive performance as Albert Mondego in the highly successful film, The Count of Monte Cristo, He is one of the five sons of Marianne and Colin, a bank secretary and a stockbroker or Jersey respectively.

Cavill was raised in a family that consisted of his four brothers, Charlie, Simon, Piers and Nik. His horoscope is Taurus. He launched his film career in through a great performance in Laguna.

He quickly followed up on this success through the highly praised performance in the film, The Count of Monte Cristo. InCavill met and started dating the renowned equestrian Ellen Whitaker leading to an engagement in However, the engagement was ended in The fine details about Henry Cavill height and weight cannot be divorced from some of his fantastic roles in film.

BMI calculators aren’t accurate, but our body fat calculator is

Before Cavill launched his acting talents on Man of Steel and Superman, it was necessary that he looks the part. In the pursuit of this goal, Cavill began one of the most excruciating fitness exercises that transformed his body so profoundly that many of his critics quickly endorsed his role in the films.

The gains derived from the arduous training schedule contributed significantly to the high levels of success with regard to the image of his physique. The natural advantages of his height and weight came in handy to complete a goal that he would have risked losing to some physically endowed peer.

Cavill stands tall at a height of 6 feet 1 inch. In truth, this height is very much consistent with some roles that require a display of bravado and the type of machismo for which Cavill is renowned. With a weight of 92 kg, Cavill can lay claim to every speck of stardom that requires both show and substance.

It would be right to contend that the inch chest and the inch biceps were some of the benefits that Cavill walked out with from the gym. Some of the notorious celebrity analysts think that Cavill struggled excessively to achieve his great looks. The initial reports of progress were in within six months. It required a good measure of discipline for the year-old star to sustain the rigorous training for more than two hours every day.

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Cavill has ensured that he stays away from lifestyle factors that undermine the gains of his fitness regime. He has a strict diet that includes protein-rich meal and healthy replacement drinks that replenish his calories. Those familiar with the details of the post workout shake that contains a number of healthy foods such as coconut milk, maltodextrin, whey protein and peanut butter. It took the mentorship, support and guidance of the training guru Mark Twight of the renowned Gym Jones to push Cavill into his current shape and size.

Bra Size. Kristin Chenoweth Height. Zendaya Height. Taylor Swift Height. Kimberly Guilfoyle Height. Maria Sharapova Height. Dre Height. Jamie Dornan Height. Tyga Height. Jennette McCurdy Height. Idina Menzel Height. Debby Ryan Height.One of the top professional boxers in the world at the moment, Anthony Joshua is known for his incredible punching power and the precision of his punches that allow him to knockout his opponents.

Unlike most top level boxers in the world, Anthony entered the sport pretty late as he was already 18 years old when he first began training. He gained initial breakthrough with a silver medal at the World Championships and then became an internationally known star by winning a gold medal at the Olympics.

Waist To Height Ratio Calculator – Assess Your Lifestyle Risk

Soon after this Joshua turned professional and began his dominance in the sport by viciously knocking-out his opponents one by one.

In his only 9 th professional fight, he won his first title which was the WBC International heavyweight. Moving towards his dating life, the British boxer has been romantically linked with Nicole Osborne and later with model Bella Hadid. Below is the list of British boxer Anthony Joshua body measurements including the details about his height, weight, chest, waist, biceps, shoe size and reach.

Home About Us Privacy Policy. Big E. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. This site uses cookies to provide you the best usage experience. Learn More. Okay, Got it.Many people want to know the answer to this question: How much should I weigh? However, there is not one ideal healthy weight for each person, because a number of different factors play a role.

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Not everyone who carries extra weight develops health problems. Read on to find out about four ways of working out your ideal weight.

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Body mass index BMI is a common tool for deciding whether a person has an appropriate body weight. BMI is a very simple measurement. While it takes height into consideration, it does not account for factors such as:. High-performance athletes, for example, tend to be very fit and have little body fat. They can have a high BMI because they have more muscle mass, but this does not mean they are overweight. However, it should not be the only measure for an individual to assess whether their weight is ideal or not.

Research has shown that people who have more body fat around their middle are more likely to develop cardiovascular disease CVD and diabetes. For this reason, the waist-to-hip ratio WHR is a useful tool for calculating whether a person has a healthy weight and size.

This will give them 0. How WHR affects the risk of cardiovascular disease CVD is different for men and women, because they tend to have different body shapes.

Ideal Chest Measurement for Men

However, these figures can varydepending on the source and the population to which they apply. WHR may be a better predictor of heart attacks and other health risks than BMI, which does not take fat distribution into consideration. A study of health records for 1, people in 11 countries, published inshowed that those with a higher WHR also have a greater risk of medical and surgical complications relating to colorectal surgery.

Waist-to-height ratio WtHR is another tool that might predict the risk of heart diseasediabetes, and overall mortality more effectively than BMI. A person whose waist measurement is less than half their height has a lower risk of a number of life-threatening health complications. To calculate the WtHR, a person should divide their waist size by their height. If the answer is 0. The authors also cited findings from another study — involving statistics for aroundpeople from different ethnic groups — which concluded that WHtR is better than BMI at predicting heart attacks, strokesdiabetes, and hypertension.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC note that a man with a waist size of 40 inches or above, or a woman with a waist size of 35 inches or above has a higher risk than other people of:. Essential fat : A person needs essential fat to survive.

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It plays a role in a wide range of bodily functions. For men, it is healthy to have 2 to 4 percent of their body composition as essential fat. Storage fat : Fatty tissue protects the internal organs in the chest and abdomen, and the body can use it if necessary for energy.

BMI, in contrast, does not distinguish between fat and muscle mass. The most common ways of measuring body fat percentage is to use a skinfold measurement, which uses special calipers to pinch the skin. The health professional will measure tissue on the thigh, abdomen, chest for men or upper arm for women.

The techniques provide an accurate reading within around 3. Other techniques include :. None of these can give a percent accurate reading, but the estimates are close enough to give a reasonable assessment.Enter all data for best result Imperial lb, ft Metric kg, cm. Height: ft. Measured below the larynx, dropping the tape slightly down in the front.

Weight: lb. Measured in the morning without clothes after going to the toilet and before drinking or eating. Sex: Man Woman. Chest size: inches. Neck size: inches? Waist size: inches? Waist men - measured horizontally at the level of the umbilicus Waist Women - measured horizontally, at a minimum width of the abdominal.

Hip size: inches? Hips women only - the largest horizontal circumference around the hips. Your perfect weight:? Chest size: Chest size: Chest size: Chest size:. This web page will help you to calculate your Body Mass Index BMIratio of anthropometric data, the percentage of fat and lean body mass. On the basis of your daily activities you will get the average number of calories and proteins required for your body.

Record your measurements to monitor progress. The number of consumed and used calories depends whether we will lose or gain weight. The unburned calories are converted in the body as fat. To maintain a stable weight, the number of calories that we consume through the food, should be equal to the number of calories you burn during exercise, excrete as body oils, waste and so on.

In order to lose weight, we need to consume fewer calories than our body needs. Thus, our body uses stored fat as energy. Before starting any diet, consult a doctor or dietitian, especially if take medicines. This form calculates the daily requirement of protein, the ratio of anthropometric data, the Body Mass Index and percentage of body fat with the help of the United States Navy Circumference Method.

height weight chest waist

These indicators will accompany you during the way to a healthy body structure. BMI calculator is very simple to use.Among government health agencies and doctor offices everywhere, it became and remains king.

But the metric, with an underlying formula of weight divided by height squared, is as criticized as it is ubiquitous. It was invented before calculators, when a formula had to be very simple, he wrote.

They reached this conclusion after measuring actual body fat and composition in 81 people using a highly precise total body scanner, then comparing the results with those of various anthropometrics commonly used to predict body fat and obesity, including BMI, WHtR, waist-to-height ratio 0.

Relying on the BMI alone, only one in seven of the participants would have been classified as obese in terms of their whole body fat, whereas according to the WHtR, the more accurate figure of one in two, or half the participants would meet that threshold.

The waist-to-hip ratio was the weakest formula of the bunch. The study, led by Michelle Swainsona professor of exercise physiology, found the cutoff for predicting whole body obesity was 0. That number could be even lower. In separate research, Margaret Ashwell, a senior visiting fellow at City University London, has discovered through several studies— including a meta-analysis of 44 studies in adults and 13 in children—that the risk of developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease begins to rise with a WHtR above.

Her research also found that the WHtR measurement is more precise at measuring life expectancy. It also beats the BMI and waist circumference matrix some doctors rely on.

With a piece of string, a person can measure their height, then fold the string in half and check to see whether it fits around their waist. A person who is six feet tall 72 inches; centimeters should keep his or her waist below a trim 36 inches or 91 centimeters.

She calls the body shape below the. At a ratio of. Skip to navigation Skip to content.

height weight chest waist

Even easier, punch your numbers into our calculator. Quartz Daily Brief. Subscribe to the Daily Brief, our morning email with news and insights you need to understand our changing world. Sign me up. Update your browser for the best experience.Waist-to-chest ratio is an important number used to gauge health and fitness. Specifically, it is a measure of the proportion of the waist circumference to the chest circumference.

This ratio is used in conjunction with waist-to-hip ratio and body mass index to determine overall body shape.

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While the ideal differs for men and women, staying within the specified range produces optimal health and fitness.

Your waist-to-chest ratio is your waist circumference divided by your chest circumference. The answer is given in the form of a decimal number. For example, a person who has a waist of 28 inches and a chest of 34 inches has a waist-to-chest ratio of 0. To determine your waist-to-chest ratio, take a tape measure and measure your waist at the smallest point.

Then measure your chest right below your arms, running the tape measure through your armpits.

height weight chest waist

Divide the circumference of your waist by the circumference of your chest to get the ratio. Your waist-to-chest ratio is much less important for determining your health than your waist-to-hip ratio and BMI, which is a measure of your body fat based on height and weight 1. The goal is to ensure that your waist is less than 35 inches if you are a women and 40 inches if you are a man and that your BMI is between The waist-to-chest ratio, in conjunction with the waist-to-hip ratio, is a helpful factor in determining shape.

If the waist-to-chest ratio is smaller than the waist-to-hip ratio, the body carries most of its weight up top. This tends to lead to more health problems than a body that carries most of its weight on the bottom. If your waist is bigger than your chest or hips, this could also negatively impact your health. The aesthetically ideal ratio, while differing from person to person, has a common thread throughout history. For women, the ideal is generally the hourglass shape, where the waist is thin and the waist-to-hip ratio and the waist-to-chest ratio are equal.

For men, the ideal generally is to have a lower waist-to-chest ratio than waist-to-hip ratio. This means that the chest is larger than the hips and waist.

With effort, you can change your body shape by performing a variety of exercises. If weight loss is your main concern -- if your waist is bigger than your hips or chest -- you can reduce your caloric intake and do a mixture of cardio and strength training to help whittle down your waistline and lose body fat. To change the distribution of your body weight, do exercises that work the larger muscles in the area you wish to gain weight -- your upper or lower body -- and do exercises that work the smaller muscles in the area where you want to lose the weight.

Your waist-to-chest ratio is much less important for determining your health than your waist-to-hip ratio and BMI, which is a measure of your body fat based on height and weight. Elizabeth Gray has been writing since the age of five, but professionally since the age of Her current writing gigs include article writing for Studio Anya, and playwriting for the Manhattan Repertory Theatre. Monitor the health of your community here. More Articles.

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