Ajpw raccoon tail code

What is better than having one tail? The Double Tail clothing item allows you to have just that. This item was released on September 11,and gifted to all Play Wild members. After a week, the item was removed as a Weekly Member Gift. As the name of the item already suggests, the Double Tail consists of two tails. It seems like they are joined at the base. In appearance, they look like skunk tails. They have a dark color, like black and brown, and their tips is white.

Currently, there is only one variation of this item available in the game. However, there is also a Super Sweets version. This variation of the Double Tail was released as a prize for Super Sweets. It was available for only one day, which means that probably not many players got it. The tails have a purple color, and the tips are orange. This item also has the rare tag on it.

You could earn the Super Sweets version of this item by participating in the adventure between October 31, and November 1, If you were not able to play the game during those times, you only have one way to obtain these items. You can still get the regular and Super Sweets Double Tail by trading with other players. Keep in mind that the Super Sweets version is rare, and that it has been a while since the regular one was gifted to members. If you are willing to part ways with some of your own valuables, you will most likely be able to find players that are willing to trade you their Double Tails.

Raccoon Tail

The only way to obtain the item now would be to trade for it. Taking offers for my rare double tail. Please do not get angry and throw a fit if I decline it. Im trying To get a basic one if any of you can grade me it world. So someone said rare or non rare double tail is worth Galaxy wings. BTW my username is icykoalacakeDressing up your animal in Play Wild is part of the game.

There are some rather unique items in the game that can drastically change the way your animal looks. The Raccoon tail is one of those items. This item is worn on the tail, and makes your animal look just like a raccoon.

The Raccoon Tail was first released on September 8, The Traveling Salesman sold the item for Gems. However, just like many other items, the tail was only available for a day.

After September 8,the tail returned to the game four more times. Each time, it was sold by the Traveling Salesman for one day only. The last time the Raccoon Tail was sold was on September 9,which is exactly a year after it was originally released. It has two separate colors on it, dark-green and light-green. When put on, it makes the animal look like a sneaky raccoon.

ajpw raccoon tail code

This item comes in only one color variant. You can see what it looks like in the picture below. The Traveling Salesman had the tail in stock for only a day, after which it got removed. The last time the tail was available at the Traveling Salesman was between September 8 and 9, If you missed your chance again, there is only one way to obtain the Raccoon Tail, which is by trading. It was sold for Gems, which is a decent amount, but easily obtainable by playing the game.

Now that the tail is no longer sold in the game, its value has increased. The only way to get the tail is by trading with other jammers. Make sure to use common knowledge when you are trading. There are no working codes available for the Raccoon Tail. The item was sold by the Traveling Salesman, but is no longer available in the game. Sometimes, you can find codes on the AJ or PW forums, which give you some items or in-game currencies when redeemed.

This is not the case for the Raccoon Tail, unfortunately.We have created this page for keeping track of all available Animal Jam Play Wild codes and keep them up-to-date.

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Codes list is at bottom of this post. This is the reason, it is recommended that you should always try our codes generator for the latest codes. Kindly contact us and let us know if you find any of these codes inactive or you have any unlisted code available. Therefore, it helps us improve our quality of work and keep the website posted with the latest Animal Jam Play Wild codes. These codes will help you generate unlimited gems and items for your game for free.


You can use one code only once per the AJPW account. You can generate Gold for your game as well, as we have the automated solution for it. It can make unlimited gold in a minute for you. Besides that, you can use this generator just once within 24 hours for generating gold for your game.

Then you have to wait for the next 24 hours and use it again. We are doing this to control the load on our servers. We have recently added human verification in our generator. Because, we are getting many automated Non-Human queries at our servers, which is hurting our bandwidth. Therefore, its kindly go through the human verification part, if asked while generating the gold. The recommended method: Use our codes generator, if you want to get the working and up-to-date list of codes.

Because, most of the time, the above mentioned list gets abused by multiple users and especially the robots non-human-scrapperstherefore they are removed from the server. What is Animal Jam Play Wild? Important: We have recently added human verification in our generator. Share This Post.West Ham 1-0 Chelsea: Marko Arnautovic dazzles to hand.

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Play Wild Raccoon Tail

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ajpw raccoon tail code

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ajpw raccoon tail code

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